This function prepares the results of a statistical test for plotting using `geom_asymmat` from the ggasym package. For more information, see vignette(ggasym-stats)

asymmetrise_stats(df, contrast_sep = "-")

asymmetrize_stats(df, contrast_sep = "-")



either the results of a statistical test or the tidy tibble from using the broom::tidy() function


the separation used between the names being compared; it is usually a hyphen (set as default here); since it is passed as the pattern parameter to stringr::str_split_fixed(), this can be any regular expression that will reliably split the "contrast" (or "comparison" in 'broom' version <0.70) column returned by broom::tidy().


a tibble object that can be used as direct input for 'ggplot2' for use with the geom_asymmat geom